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Offering bidders a FREE Vacation with you listing?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by TheRareIguana, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. TheRareIguana

    TheRareIguana Newbie

    Dec 2, 2009
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    Hey guys,

    Has anyone used vacation incentives to entice people to buy their ebay products? I have been making a ton of money using the certificates (not through ebay, below is how I do it) and decided to start my own travel wholesale company dropshipping these certificates to my customers buyers.

    There are many vacation incentive sites out there however, we actually dropship the certificated for you ( negating the purchasing of these in bulk which is standard in the industry)

    If you are interested:

    (Cant post link but thats the site)

    Want to learn how I use them:

    My Business Plan and Info on the certs from previous post:

    1) Create a Facebook, Google AdWords, or any type of ad stating something like "Take our Free 30 Question Survey and go on a Complimentary Vacation!"

    The landing page that this ad will redirect to will be one similar to the image I have attached here. Essentially, it is just a site that entices the customer to take the survey and go on their free vacation.

    I had 85% of people who got to the site filling out the survey.

    After they complete the survey (random Survey Gizmo survey you create or a survey affiliated with a network) they are redirected to a checkout page.

    This page thanks them for taking the survey, and offers them a Complimentary Vacation

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The complimentary vacations are 100$ real vacation certificates that are facilitated through a travel company. Type in Vacation Incentives on Google and you can find a ton of different companies who broker these vacation certificates.

    This is where the trick is....

    The companies providing these certificates get them for dirt cheap! That is because they have made partnerships with hotels and vacation resorts to fill their empty rooms on the down times of travel.

    The off-peak travel times are one of 3 downsides to these certificates.

    1) off-peak traveling time, low selection
    2) $50 refundable deposit among certificate activation if not used within a year of activation (this is charged by the company you get the certificates from, that has websites and travel agents working to book this certificate for the certificate user).
    3) Small taxes each night $3-$15 to be incurred by the traveler.

    These are the ONLY things that make these vacation certificates different then you going online and booking yourself.

    The Cost of the Campaign:
    The vacation certificates, often a 3-day stay at some type of resort go for about 5 to 8 dollars each. The problem is, you need to make a minimum order of about 1000-5000 certificates to even get your hands on them.
    However, I did find a good source that will let you buy them one at a time (you become a member for like $50 or something) and then they dropship the certificates for you. IMO that's the way to go.

    So back to my business plan, once the user fills out the survey, they are brought to a checkout page where they can pay a small shipping and handling fee to receive their complimentary vacation certificate (I charged $14.99)

    During my first day running this campaign I got 30% of people to pay the shipping and handling fee. The best thing is, once you ship them the certificate, you are done! The travel company providing the certificate deals with booking the vacation, as well as any customer service issues.

    Since then, I haven't looked back. And I started to branch out with these certificates. I have used them to secretly obtain affiliate signups through referer guardian and have currently made the shipping price only $1.99, offering the users a free trial of a vacation club website, in which I slowly unleash vacation certificates each month to my members.

    It has not been a simple breeze, but once I tweaked the different ideas and brought things together, this business has been very profitable.

    I know there is a huge market for these online and figured I should give back here for all the help you guys have been.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.
  2. getfunjobcom

    getfunjobcom Registered Member

    Jul 11, 2010
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    Pro Chef
    getfunjob at gmail
    i have seen this before ... did i ?
  3. angelas111

    angelas111 Elite Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    interesting. outside the box thinking.
  4. 3fifths

    3fifths Newbie

    Sep 4, 2010
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    I took a look at the site and I am interested, I think I have an idea that hasn't been touched. Would you be open to someone purchasing a certificate to verify the process works the way you say it does, and to verify that the certificate is valid.

    Sorry, but I need to ask seeing as how this is blackhat and all.
  5. TheRareIguana

    TheRareIguana Newbie

    Dec 2, 2009
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    Of course. I can send you a package of sample certificates, or it would cost $8 to have a live certificate sent. But you might as well join with the lowest membership for $2 more and try it out for a month. If you don't like, just cancel your membership. Its through PayPal so you there really is no scamming. If you do sign up, put something in the details about where you would like a certificate sent, and we will send it there.