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    Offer Mate


    Download :
    Download from PyrogenicMedia (Preferred)
    Download from RapidSpread

    What Does It Do?
    Offermate is somewhat of an "OfferVault" clone. You can input in a keyword, and it will search for offers across hundreds (Literally hundreds), of networks. There is so many uses for this it boggles the mind.

    Uses :
    • If you are running an offer with a network and think you can get a higher payout. Run the offer through here and see who else has that offer, AND how much they're paying out.
    • Doing a bit of blackhat and need to spread the risk? Use this to find the same offer across multiple networks so you can spread your traffic.
    • Network pulled your offer? Chances are another network still has that offer up and running (Direct with the advertiser). You can check through here and find that offer again!
    • So much more! Just use your imagination

    FAQ :
    If you get ANY error, make sure you download the latest .net framework from HERE

    Other :
    As always. Post here or email me if you have a problem with the app (Unlikely). I dont know how popular this is going to be here, but its here anyway.
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