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    I have a non-legit copy of this software, and the drawbacks are that i can't save anything that I have done, so I leave the program running for as long as possible in the background. Occasionally then it falls over, and I loose track of everyone I skipped, or lists which I managed to harvest.
    Here's a few tips to get the most of your illigit copy:

    useful for adding friends fast! getting at least 100 accepts per day.
    I'm guseeing this technique might be useful for other bots as well.

    do asearch for users, who happen to be in a time zone most likely online compared to you. e.g., search people in US when it's around 4pm 7pm and 11pm there, same times different areas.

    you literally surf the time zone, so get your map out and as the people online ebb away in that region, you choose the next region slightly to the west.

    search limit only 40 people at a time, and add them straight away.
    I don't use any pause setting. and here's why:

    Through your browser log straight on and cancel the friend requests that are not online. If they're online you have a higher chance of getting their accept quickly, You will find that immediatly people will accept the friend requests and create time gaps between the ones still waiting long enough to look realistic. Once you've culled the non-online requests those gaps will appear normal and not like a spammy machine has been doing the work.

    So if myspace run a check on you, everything appears normal.

    You can run up to 400 requests a day, i always search for 40, then add immediately while they are fresh and online. do this ten times, and you are likely to get 100 accepts a day out of your 400 posting limit.

    My account HAS been locked by myspaz twice, with an anti phishing capcha and all the rest of it, but now I am onto 10, 000 + friends, and sustaining enough traffic to keep me at PR4 just through friend adding.

    I find instead of posting comments, people add you, then check you out far more quickly (as long as you're not a band) so have your top links on your myspace page ready for people to see when they check you out.
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    from where do you get your non-legit copy? ;)