Objections, tears and rants; Capturing high quality workers

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    Probably, one of the most painful parts about hiring new workers is finding yourself with useless personnel who cannot achieve any of your goals.

    Many times this is not attributed to the worker, but instead, it is a fault committed by the employer; among the set of characteristics which need to be taken into account when recruiting new prospects I find the most important ones to be the following:

    - Trust: "trust no one" is a famous phrase; on the other hand, in the world we live in, we must develop trust towards a variety of ents if we aim to achieve success. When recruiting an individual, look for mutual trust, make sure this person sees not only the value of your product/service but also the potential benefits and results.

    - Attitude: who could possibly argue with this? Nothing is better than having someone with a pair of balls who is able to cross the barrier of fear and be out in the crowd producing benefits for your company. Now, it is important not to confuse confidence with arrogance; the line is very thin at all times, and crossing it can bring negative results which could have consequences over long periods of time.

    - Commitment: if you have managed to create trust with the employee and he/she presents a positive attitude towards life and work, commitment will come together unless you are to neglect the worker in certain areas. Make sure to include the worker within the "family"; the results will come earlier and the sense of success will be bigger for him/her which will result in the worker loving your firm.

    Another point to take into account is your product/service; if we want to have an efficient employee along our lines, we must ensure to not only perform a high quality sales training period, but also, to ask the individual the following question: Would you sell this product/service to your (family member)? If the worker replies positively to the question, it means that they have a strong belief on the positive qualities which the product presents; this will transform into much higher and efficient results.

    While this might sound as s bullshit preaching speech to your ears, I find the previously mentioned characteristics to be of key importance towards any and every business; furthermore, I believe that a firm will only achieve success if individuals with that set of skills are included within the body.

    If you are able to spot those, you will be able to save time with bullshit workers who are only in to get their cut and give nothing else. It is hard, and it won't be achieved in short periods of time, moreover, you will end up with a smaller team of individuals; but let me ask you this question; would you prefer to have 2 people selling 5 products a day which firmly believed in your firm and felt part of it, or would you prefer to have an army of 20 people calling on a daily basis, demotivated, selling 10 products a day?

    The choice is yours, I believe in a qualitative approach which brings results over long periods of time.
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    Thanks - Trust No One - Kill Any One - But Be On Your Limits
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    I've learned the hard way through oDesk, although I stumble through workers wasting my time.
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    Good pieces of advice. I'll agree creating trust between the contractor and the employee is very important. and this should be realized on both ends not to let down the other.