Obama B**** Slapped

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    I'm 35 born n raised in Florida. My mom is a redneck, and I was raised by and with rednecks. Not the hillbilly type redneck but we had skinheads at ours school and racism was prevelant. My Dad is from Peru but my seperated when I was 18months old so I grew up away from him mostly. I have dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, you would think I was italian or something. I don't really look that spanish but if I'm with spanish people I can blend in. Anyway there were times when I had trouble because I don't look like a pure white person.

    I can't say that I'm an Obama supporter. I definetly had expected a good quality leadership from him but now I think I realize that the presidency is such a job that when you are in it you are saying so many speeches, so many things you have to do so much that you lose that ability to really be genuine and caring about anything becuase everything seems so important to each persons cause.

    That said this whole thing with him moving his press conference, and the freaking speaker of the house has the freaking balls to tell the president to reschedule and the PRESIDENT reschedules??? HOLY CRAP! I think that if Reagan or Bush would have said too bad and Clinton too. And I think that alot of this is rooted in racism. I think they would never have the nerve to do this to any other president. And dude why didn't he just say screw you, im the president you can reschedule your little debate or whatever.

    Also, I been a conservative in my views mostly, don't got no problems with womens rights or gay people or nothing like that, I am multicultural, but I was never against Obama in fact I had expected much better results. At any rate, I can't believe the way these Republicans treat the president. I mean do you remember after 911 the Dems just followed everything Bush wanted to do, they ran into Afganistan, they ran to Iraq, and they followed the stimulus everything they were cooperative with Bush even though they always publicly trashed him.

    The right has treated him like a black man at a KKK party. They really just demand everything and refuse to compromise on anything. It looks really jerkish. You know we should be making compromises and moving along, and working and fixing as we go. Not stopping full hilt and getting nothing done because everybody doesn't get what they want.

    People act like everything is so important but it really isn't. We have every four years the ability to change the direction. If we have healthcare and in 4 years decide to go back and change we can. But everyone acts like changes are forever.

    Anyways I got to get back to work. You will see me doing these types of posts in the lounge from time to time. Just me. Peace.