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    Greetings fellow Black Hat World members,

    My name is Marcus and it is good to be here and I can honestly say I am very eager to learn and of course contribute here in the forums. I hope to meet many of your throughout my journey.

    I have been fairly selfish as I have been visiting Black Hat World for the past three months or so and I have learned a lot from some of the fantastic members contributing, but never decided to register.

    Well...I have registered now and will soon be active in the community and do not define active as in asking non-sense, unrelated and silly questions, more so contributing and assisting those that may be struggling with something I am good at, which for the time being really is HTML5, CSS3, SEO, PHP, PHP Frameworks such as Laravel and FuelPHP and a few additional skills that I have learned in the past three years as a Web Designer and SEO Consultant in Tucson, Arizona.

    So Why AM I Here?
    Aside from wanting to contribute, I honestly don't enjoy doing what I do. I am not saying I am lazy, I work my butt off in everything I do. Normally I am spending 15-20 hours from Monday to Saturday working on either client projects, personal or JV projects and I just don't enjoy what I am doing, aside from personal and JV projects.

    Its just I see people with a very basic knowledge of what I know and a great knowledge in IM and they are making a ton of money. One member I greatly admire, meathead1234, who is freakn awesome by the way for sharing his Google Alert tip that I have been implementing as of late, well anyway in some of his posts he mentions his lack of knowledge in programming, SEO and etc., but excels at Internet Marketing. Instead his approach is to simply find a product or create a product, which offers a benefit or a value that exceeds a customers expectation and then doing anything necessary to promote it so users see it.

    I know obviously there is more involved but that's my simple take on it.

    A Quick Quote:
    "There are only two ways to run a business, either innovation or marketing"

    Why Do I Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In Headings?
    If it is annoying I apologize, but it is something I use to and quite frankly you'll just have to get use to.

    Anyway I am very excited to be here and can't wait to get to know the community more through my contributions.

    Have a wonderful day and think prosperity!

    As Napoleon Hill once said "Thoughts Are Things" and so start thinking about that big green stuff! :)
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    Welcome to the family, Marcus.

    Looking forward to your future contributions.

    Enjoy your stay! :)

    Your new friend - "WizGizmo"
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    Westside Earth
    I have the same habit with my headings lol... Nice to know your here to stay!
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    Nice first post, Marcus. :)

    I'm DeeDee. Welcome!
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    ★☆ Earth! =) ★☆
    Welcome to BHW :)