[Novice Questions] Affiliate Link Placement & Basic Uses

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    Nov 2, 2013
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    This is what I have going on, I'm currently working on a project I cooked up that includes Youtube and Affiliate Links. I don't have any experience when it comes to Affiliates in general. For the past week or two I've been reading up and research on the subject of using affiliates. Although there are still a few things that have me confused.
    [Note that the affiliate I'm using is with CJ. Though I don't know if this matters much or not.]

    1. When placing Affiliate links with your video on Youtube, can you place it in the description and in the video as an animation?
    2. Can you place a direct link to your affiliate without first directing it to a landing page on your website?
    3. If yes, in your opinion would it be more effective to use a landing page or go without one?
    4. When you sign up for an Affiliate (and they approve you), do you have to use the same website they first approved you with? Or do you need to go through the process again to get a different site approved?

    I hope none of these questions are too noobly, as I still haven't been able to find the answers for them yet.