Nothing Important, I only seek for an advice.

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    Hello BHW. This is a post calling other generous and non-selfish BHW members for a real advice.

    I am a VA. Earning $250 per month and is seeking a little more than just being a VA. I realized how internet marketing can be profitable. Now, I quit my job realizing that I did almost a whole lot of SEO backlinking, affiliate marketing, and other VA stuffs and asked myself, why not start and work on my own?

    I have been on BHW for some time now, reading and trying out other things. Starting from AC, to clickbank to craigslist, ewhoring, blogging and etc that my mind is overwhelmed with the many information and got me burned out. WTF.

    So today, I`m seeking for an advice on where should I start off? I tried Fiverr but I find my strategies weak, and I grrrrrr I haven't had any sales yet. Sharecash was effective for me, I earned $10 but that's for 1 whole month of making a weak download site. This for now is my plan, continue on sharecash?

    Anyway, my question is that are there any other ways of earning aside from sharecash? That pays out in paypal and not cheks like clickbank? I`m really burned out. I`m just following the advice that I read from that book and I`m wondering if it will even substitute the $250 VA compensation I earn monthly.

    whew. sorry for the drama. I just need a real, generous advice. Thanks BHW. it's always nice to be here.