NOT use an indexing service?

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    Didn't know where else to put this, so I deemed this to be the right place.

    I use GSA SER, a VPS and an Indexing service right now, but I'm kind of on a budget, so my VPS is pretty small and I only use very few semi private proxies. The indexing service is the most expensive feature of this bundle and I'd like to reduce costs wherever I can.
    The other day, I got struck by an idea and I've been wondering ever since.

    I usually build tiered link structures, using contextual dfllw links as t1-3 and back up all of my links with secondary links (blog comments, trackbacks, blabla,..). Now these links help empowering my tiered structure, but what they also do is help getting them indexed.
    Now, I've been wondering, if I use a shitload of secondary links and even several projects of secondary links targeting the same tier primary links, wouldn't that already be enough to help get my links indexed? I mean most indexing services promise you an indexing rate of 50-80% (which we all know they usually can't keep). So if the only benefit from using an indexing service is getting a few more links indexed, or getting links indexed faster that would've eventually gotten indexed anyway, but maybe a little later, I'd rather cut some costs, or use the money and reinvest in a better VPS.

    I'd love to hear your opinions on that.