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    Some of you probably don't remember but I set up an adult tube site at the end of last year. Only got about 300 videos on it and I upload whenever the mood takes me.
    Well I got it to a point where it was rolling in a couple of dollars per day quite steadily however I was being very naughty by diverting all mobile traffic.
    I knew at some point Google would get wind of what I was doing and shut me out of their search which they did - just as my earnings were aproaching $5 per day steadily.
    They did this in March, 3 months into my plan. I had made $100 by this point and had cashed it in so I wasnt too bothered. I stopped the redirects and put the site back to allow all traffic in and contacted Google who wern't all that interested and told me basically my site was through being listed with them. So, I left it and forgot about it.

    Then one day 2 months back, I decided to see what was happening and saw that traffic was starting to flow back in. I checked and sure enough it's back in Google and bringing me almost 5K visitors per day and almost 120K ad impressions per day. It doesn't convert all that great. Out of 120K ad impressions I get a CTR of around 0.93%. I'm still tweaking the site but the majority of ads displayed and clicked are mobile. The desktop ads don't really get many clicks at all but I'll keep them all the same.

    Anyway, while that's been ticking away, I've also been doing some tests ultimately via Twitter and combined since I started putting in some effort I've made $118 promoting nothing but Crakrev.
    Today was a very lucky day as I got an actual conversion!

    The twitter is a bit hit an miss and so is the revenue from the tube site but for very little investment I'm on the make.

    I have been looking at scaling up my twitter operations using Twitter Supremacy and Dedicated Private Squid Proxies but I've been seeing some funny events on twitter.
    Sometimes my posts will make the hashtag searches, other times it doesn't so I've put my scaling up on hold just for the moment until I can suss out what's up and find a way to ensure all or at least the majority of my posts make the search. No point having 10 twitter accounts and they don't so I need to get to the bottom of that but overall, I generally make $3 per day semi auto pilot from twitter. I figure scale up by a factor of 10 for a larger test should see my earning also increase though by what factor is hard to say.

    Overall for a person that was feeling a bit glum about his earnings vs efforts the past couple of days, this has cheered me up and spurred me on!!!

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    Nope, don't think I saw your thread before. Anyways, great stats!
    Good for you, buddy. Good for you! :) Enjoy the success now.
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