Not receiving bonus payment from time specified on Affiliate page?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Aces SEO, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Im a new affiliate of this product. I've gotten the necessary sales to receive the bonus payment which on there website says will be sent within 72 hours. I emailed them again yesterday and haven't gotten the payment. Its been 6 days since I first emailed them and 4 days since I sent the information they asked for. I know I should be more patient but just wondering if anyone else ever ran into this problem.
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    Name them and shame them!

    We always send out bonus payments virtually immediately to all affiliates who qualify, but there are many unscrupulous vendors on CB who advertise bonuses which they do not give, and make false claims and promises on the marketplace description and on their affiliate page.

    Here is what I'd recommend:
    - name them here to give a heads up to others
    - stop promoting them and choose an alternative offer
    - send an email to abuse [@] and tell them about this. A vendor who posts fraudulent claims and advertises bonuses which they do not give is breaching clickbank's vendor TOS.