NOT another "I made it post"

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    Well there has been a ton of new threads popping up lately with guys claiming to make 1000+$ a day, and not to say I don't thrust them, this is not what this post is about, I wanted to share with you my "I still haven't made it but won't stop till I do" story.

    Joined the forum about a year ago and did a lot more reading then posting complimented with a ton of searching and more reading.

    Tired a lot of methods, failed at a lot of them but did mange to make some money here and there - mostly not even enough to pay the bills and even more I didn't make it consistently.

    My day job went to shit cause economy where I live is a mess with 30% unemployment rate. I still get a gig here and there


    I will not stop till I make it.

    I have no extra computer skills, English is not my primary language (as you might already noticed :eek: ) and I don't have a big budget. To be honest I have no budget. ATM I'm sitting at home with my laptop and I don't even have hot water or heating since I haven't payed my gas bill... the only thing I do have is internet access and electricity.

    And a hell of a lot of motivation to make it.

    I'm sure I will it's just a matter of being patient and motivated enough.

    A few years ago I woke up on a new years day weighting 85+ sth kgs. I know you're probably thinking that's not too bad but I'm a 170cm girl :)
    My new years decision - not my new years wish those are not the same - was to lose the weight and change my life. Today I'm a certified personal trainer and a kick boxing instructor weighting 60kgs in very good shape.

    Point of this is it was not easy, simple, it was not over night, 90% of information I had available is wrong, nobody spoon fed me, held my hand and push me to do it. But I knew it was a matter of time before I did. And it was not perfect either - I had cheat days, skipping the gym days and days when I just rolled around the floor feeling sorry form my self. But the point is I didn't stop till I made it.

    Today my decision is to make it big in IM and the first thing I'm gonna do when I do is to buy a VIP membership because I love this forum.

    I met a ton of great guys here and I learned even more. BTB, Greywolf, BigBuddy, Meathead, ExtraWinner, Acclerator_dd and a lot more of them who I can't even name are my inspiration. The very first thing I do in the morning is to open this forum (yeah, before checking my rankings) so thanks guys you are all what makes this forum great.

    I obviously didn't make this post to brag, not much to write home about, but to share with you my motivation and excitement and most of all to hear what keeps you guys going?

    Who else is going to make it?