Not a niche, How would things be different.

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    I understand that many people here run niche sites and networks targeted, my scenario is different. I run a modeate sized portal with true content and editorial staff of nearly 10 people. We get over 20,000 unique visitors per month.
    How would recommendations change for doing SEO for such a site. The site already has a PR of 4, last year it had a pr of 5 and more visits per month. This is why I want to do SEO to get things back up.
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    the ludus
    First determine the keyword sets you want to rank for.

    Then optimize on the site: interlinking structure, page/article template, etc.

    Next optimize the articles, and teach your staff how to write them optimized from the start.

    Finally, get backlinks to your homepage, sections/categories and individual articles that you want to rank.

    In other words, the technique is no different - only the scale is.