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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by aandcmedia, Jun 10, 2011.

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    So I've been getting way more involved and plan on stepping up my game. I currently do some manual link building, blasts, and a few other things to my moneysite. My question now is I see the smartest way is to have alternative sites that link to your main site.

    So do you buy a separate hosting account with different IP addresses from your main site...than set up websites that forward to your money site. Than blast those sites?

    Sort of confused on how this is done? Or do you set up legitimate sites that just have a TON of back links to your money site?

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    That is one strategy indeed, setting up alternative domains although I'd say *most* don't do that. Its not to discount the method but most people do the same thing but with Web 2.0 websites and create supporting "buffer" sites. You can do the same effect with buying your own but there are a variety of things you'll want to consider before doing that.

    Keep in mind that Google's very good at picking up poorly setup networks of sites. In order to stay safe you need more than just buying various hosting accounts. I'd recommend buying the domains from different domain registrar's with different registrant information as well. The more diversity the better as well, made up names, phone numbers, using the domain as the contact email, etc. I even go one step further and do this in account settings before buying to domain since Google's a domain registrar and could see your contact info before activating privacy (and I believe even while privacy is enabled).

    Now that's the paranoid, I like to keep a clean network, talk. That may be overkill for your niche though so take my advice for what its worth.

    Once you've established a network or developed some Web 2.0 sites, begin creating/pounding those with links to your money site. After time you can even hit your money site as well but I always prefer buffer sites.
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    thats some great advice. i certainly think it depends on style and niche. there's always more than one way to skin a cat...

    quality and care over time certainly seems to pay off better though.. keep in mind that privacy always has its limits. when it comes to matters of financial interests motivated pursuing parties will not waste time playing computer forensics, but will simply follow the money. i think the key is to fly under the radar and keep things nice and spread out...
    good luck on your journey and wish me luck on mine:)
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    This is just one way to get links, but it can't replace diversity in your linkbuilding. Make a solid backlinking strategy and make sure you stick to it.