Noob Working Hard this is what I am Doing.

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    Feb 2, 2012
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    I bought an eBook with PLR and MMR with a low competition and high amount of searches per month.


    1. Set up sales page.
    2. Installed Wordpress plugin.
    3. Added so far 3 decently written articles on the subject.
    4. Readied up so far 3 linkedin accounts with highly relevant information regarding the niche.
    5. have added more than 30 groups, have been accepted into 10 so far (operations are only 3 days old as of today)

    Phase 2.
    1. Create 7 more linkedin profiles with proxies.
    2. join as much groups as I can.
    3. Spam as discretely as possible for the longest of time.

    My question is, I feel this is a great eBook that I can exploit more if only I knew the correct networks or perhaps there could be a software I can use to promote it.

    Do you guys have any suggestion you can help me out with.