Noob questions about autoblogging.

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by BenPaolo, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Well I'm setting up my first autoblog and I would like to know that if I make more will Google ban my adsense account for doing so? If yes then can someone suggest another good advertiser for my blog?


    And I'm putting cpa, infolink, sharecash downloads, amazon affiliates, clickbank affiliates and would be selling adspace also and backlinks. Would you think this could be a plausible source of good income. My niche and keyword is paying good though I won't know if I'll rank good in google but would go for web 2.0 and twitter and facebook for traffic. After some initial promotions, (some good backlinks, submission to different directories and search engines) would it be good to leave it alone already and just check every once in a while. It would be posting only 1 article each day and a video/amazon/yahoo answers every couple of days. I'm thinking about spinning the article myself each day though this wouldn't be much of autoblogging if I did.

    Would it be good to make a 100 blogs or just 2-10 and concentrate on promoting it? I'm a bit tad overboard in the plugins department, trying to make the autoblog as organic and friendly as possible to mimic a true blog but it is loading slower.

    Thanks :D Been reading the forums and learning from here for a couple of days.

    BTW, Does hidden iframes violate any of the tos of the said advertisers above? putting 1 or 2 hidden iframe and putting a linkbucks link would be quite awesome, imagine if you have lots of autoblogs that has 30+ UV each day.
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    Stick with adsense, a lot of auto blogs is better compared to a few, but it all depends obviously, you need to put effort into every auto blog, everything you do, you need to do properly and work on it, you can't quickly put a auto blog up.

    Spend some serious time building backlinks, keyword research and of course niche research.