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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by SejtanovRatnik, Feb 12, 2016.

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    It's time to start my Amazon journey. Big inspiration was

    I have few question about basic Amazon rules.
    1. Do I have to use their retarded buttons ( or I can use custom made (like this one

    2. Can I add affiliate link to text about product, to image of that product and to button Buy on Amazon, or link can be add only to button "Buy on Amazon" button?

    3. I plan to copy/paste content from few websites that allready work on Amazon affiliate. Can Amazon determine that my page is copy/paste and ban me because of that?

    4. When I copy/paste content I click on his button "Buy on Amazon" to get link of that product, than remove his affiliate from link. After that I get my affiliate link and add it to my website. My question is: Will he get referral percentage or what ever because of this?
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    4. Nope. If you dd your affiliate ID correctly, then only you will get the commission.
    2. You can add links wherever you want. It is totally up to yo.
    1. You can use your own buttons if you want.