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    Hello all. Im new to this ppd + youtube thing but Im willing to learn. Can someone provide me with the basics for going about this journey? I'm looking to make $10 a day, nothing too major
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    Good luck with your journey! If you have absolutely no idea what you're doing or have no plan of action, I suggest you hold off on a journey thread and use the search feature to gather some knowledge. There's tons of really informative threads on here regarding Youtube + PPD.
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    Okay I'll explain the absolute basics to you...

    For starters, if you didn't know then PPD = Pay Per Download. It is basically that you get paid (roughly $1) for every time somebody completes a survey and downloads your file. For a starter like you, I would suggest using the the PPD site called Sharcash: www.**************. I have used this site before and they do the job very well.

    What you are going to want to do first though is find a niche, an easy (but kind of scumbag) way to do this is to go to google and search "" You will see many files such as Monster Legends Hack Tool, pick one of them and type the file name into YouTube. If it shows roughly around less than 15,000 results then it is all good and you should be able to use that niche.

    You will then want to decide how you will make the videos, will you steal videos or make your own videos using a screen recorder: I would advise to make your own videos, recording them and editing them but the only downside is that you will have to learn how to create a fake tool in Visual Basic. Once you have downloaded Visual Basic, follow this tutorial: but instead of Microsoft Points change it up to make it into the desired niche, may it be fake beta keys or free itunes cards. Then just do some styling to the fake tool to make it look legit.

    Now you will need to open up CamStudio or whatever screen recording software you downloaded, then record you messing around with the tool trying to make it look legit to the audience, this is the most important part... so actually use the tool like the person would who downloads it so they can see it 'working'. When finished recording, either take the footage into Sony Vegas Pro or Windows Movie Maker, whichever one you have, and edit the video a bit cutting out the parts you don't want. You may also want to add some royalty free music to it too:

    After recording the video with CamStudio, you then have to uplaod the file to Sharecash, simply log-in and find the upload page. *note: uploading the fake file straight file straight to sharecash may result in a ban, so you can upload the fake file in a .rar to mediafire and then upload a .txt file to sharecash with the .rar password inside*.

    Then you will need to make a new YouTube account to uplaod the video too. Simply upload the file and give it a stand out title such as 'Free ______ Tool Working Dec 2013 100% Legit' but don't go over the top or it will look fake. Also make sure to give a legit description of what you are showing in the video and also include the Sharecash download link and the MediaFire download link in the description, and also add the link into an annotation too.

    Now the video is live on YouTube you will need to get it on the first page for the keyword, this is so the video will get way more views as it will be within the first 10 results when they are searching for that specific thing. To do this, you can either buy views, likes and comments from a site like ViralSocials: or earn credits to buy views, likes and comments from a site like EnhanceViews: If using EnhanceViews make sure to download the YouTube Autowatcher program: and run it on your desktop, you can earn credits a lot faster this way.

    Once you have enough credits/money to buy around 5k views, 100 likes and 50 comments, you can start buying them and applying them to the video you wish to use them on. The views, likes and comments will slowly apply to the video until they have all been sent, it won't take too long. *note: if you want to rank easier on YouTube, buy high retention views as Google likes them more in terms of ranking*. If and when the video hits the 1st page of search results, congratulations! You have successfully made your own video and ranked it on YouTube. Your goal now may be to be the 1st video on the 1st page, go for it if you feel it will benefit you. Now your video is up on the first page you will start to see that you will be having some clicks on your Sharecash link, and hopefully you will get some downloads too. If so, well done you have made your first PPD money, now all you have to do is repeat the process as efficiently as you can and you will hopefully start to earn some good cash from YT+PPD.

    Sorry for the overly detailed explanation, but I hope it helps you earn some money at least!

    Good luck in your future of IM, it will be tough at first but it will slowly but surely get better.

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    Good luck to the op, and thank you for laying out the basics of PPD
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    Good luck on your journey OP