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    Feb 10, 2015
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    Hello, so i use popunders from plugrush and from about 20k unique vistors, plugrush only counts about 1,5k-2k. However, i've registered at gunngo, and they asked me if i have any direct link or pass-back tag for another network to redirct users for unpaid traffic. So i gave them the direct link for my plugrush popunders and now with their script the visitors counted on my plugrush account tripled. The problem is Gunngo has a verry low CPM (about 0.07 for 1k...) and i want to removie their codes. So, can anyone help me with a popunder script that opens unlimited popunders/ip ? i've tried some found here but none seems to work or i've been putting the direct link somehow wrong....if anyone could help me with a script and how to configure it i would be really appreciate. Oh, and sorry for my broken english :)