Noob Newbie Tutorial Guide Help (need the seo pros)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by warjam1945, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Hi BHW

    I have been on this forum night and day for 3 solid weeks trying and trying to learn a bit about SEO. It has given me knowledge 100 fold from what I knew a few short weeks ago.

    The reason I have named the post as such is because trying to find a past post is difficult in the BHW search tab. You have to wade through other noobs like myself asking the same questions and the guys that are trying to sell you something. (Not that I have anything against that but I want to understand this stuff before I outsource it). Also I can?t understand the big men that run this show don?t have a dedicated tab for noobs, or starting guides or even a few pdfs on the subject.

    Also I understand that the guys at the top don?t want to give away there moneymaking secrets to people starting off or there competitors on this forum, I get that. I also understand their frustration from the big men with guys like me only on the forum a week or 2 looking for the holy grail or that special ingredient for the secret sauce. They had to fight in the trenches from the bottom up and are not going to give up there conquered turf, I get this to.
    Don?t get me wrong I am a rotten capitalist at heart at all times. Look after number 1 and all that jazz but dripping a bit of info now and again couldn?t hurt could it.
    I had a thought why is there not a program or a system in place where one of you big guys take a noob like myself and countless others and together develop a site with all the trimmings and all the backlinking and whatnot. Teach the noob on on page seo the plugins the backlinking all that they need. The catch you might ask the noob has to bankroll the whole project like domain, hosting, backlinking?.whatever and the big man keeps the site at the end of the show.

    Win win for both sides.

    The noob gets to see the whole process start to finish and the seo big man gets the profit for an hour or so of their time on skype or by pm.
    The noob gets the confidence that they can rank a site high on google and know they can research a keyword because the guy with the know all taught them.

    But I digress the reason for this post is that I am going to but step by step in black and white or is white and black on BHW what I think about SEO and how I think it is done.

    What I want from the SEO big wigs is when I post something which is flawed or not true is to wade in and correct me or other noobs. It will be the airing cupboard for silly questions and it won?t clutter the thread that are at a higher seo spiritual plain.

    So I with post as regular as I can and I invite other newbies to post their concepts of what seo it to them or their perceived methods are for the seo experts to set us straight.

    Thanks for your time