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    I would like to get together a small army of noobs that aren't making any money yet, and get them to a point where they can make at least $10 a day. What I am trying to do is kinda create a "launching pad" for noobs to
    start making a little money to build confidence and also get some cash to buy some of the great tools available here, (if not be able to live on it.) :)

    What I am doing right now is combining some the simple techniques from here to get more out of each one, killing 2, 3, or even 4 birds with one stone. And it is even more powerful since there is strength in numbers.

    If I were to explain everything here, it would take a REALLY long time and be an extremely large post, and don't want to do that with
    my first post here on this forum. And besides, most of you heavy hitters wouldn't be interested in it because you already have better techniques and such and would just be a waste of your time for the money. But I think this is good just for people starting out.

    So anybody that is interested, hit me up and we can get started communicating and getting things in line. The quicker we do, the more money we will make and the more quickly we will make it. Then we can
    graduate to more advanced techniques !

    Some of the "tools" that people would be needing I am dividing into 2 categorizes:

    • 1) Tools you need to get that no one gets credit for(non affiliate):
    • At least one face book account
    • At least one blog
    • Be a publisher for a company that gives you credit for banner ad impressions (If u cant get approved, I may be able to help)
    • Be a publisher for a company that pays per click for banner ads (If u cant get approved, I may be able to help)
    • Maybe an in-text ad supplier
    • A decent free ip hider(proxy) that will allow you get to facebook is good, but not absolutely necessary
    • an email address to use for this purpose alone (not required, a good idea for organization and "opt-in purposes)

    • 2) Things you need that you and I may get credit for as an affiliate when we get a referral. These are things that you may already have as well, but if not, I would like you to be my referral:
    • At least one company that you can cloak a link with and get paid when someone clicks it.
    • Image uploader site
    • a couple of traffic generators like auto-surf and things like that
    • a social networking site that pays you a little for participation

    Now, it is the way you set things up and use these things, as well as others that I haven't mentioned, that make this
    worthwhile for us noobs. Power in numbers. And good practice. Plus a little money to get us started.

    You also need to know this will also work better for those in the US, Canada, and UK, but other countries won't be completely left out of the dark.

    I also want you know I am looking for people who can actually commit to about an hours worth of work a day, copy and pasting, and clicking, and following
    a few rules when doing it. Buy rules, I mean at times you should wait about 30 seconds before moving to the next step, and different things like that.

    I am in the middle of putting together a detailed and step by step guide for all the noobs to be able to follow. In the meantime, i just want to get together
    a list of those that are interested. Commenting in this thread would be good too to give me a general idea of noobie interest. I want to build a small army of 100
    but I think i am going to start out small with 10 or 20 just so things don't get out of hand !

    There is also a piece of information that, if it goes the way i want, will make doing this even more powerful for us. But I need
    to post that question to some of the veterans here once I find the appropriate place to ask.

    Ok thats all for now ! ALL noobs that want to start making some money get a hold of me ! The best way is through my email in my profile.

    Happy BHing !

    PS-BTW this is a twist on Harro's technique at this BH link
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