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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by thetrustedzone, Feb 5, 2012.

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    first @ mods if this thread against the rules please delete and I'm sorry .

    are you noob ? want to make your first $$ online and don't know where to start ?

    then read this :

    i will give you 2 golden exact match domain keywords for adsense , any keyword :

    1. Exact US search 1k+ 2. adwords competition medium or high (not low)

    competition with CPC $1+ 3. easy to rank low competition in serps

    4. .com or .net or .org available

    you will buy domain and set up site (wordpress it's very easy)

    i will give you hints how index it fast and rank it even manually if you don't have any tool and don't want to buy blasts , skype support will be available .

    what i need from you ?

    sign up with hostgator hosting using my coupon 1 cent first month , hostgator will give me commission per referral , you should stay with them at least 2 months then they will approve my earning , hostgator is very good hosting too , i will give 1 keyword first and when my commission approved you will get second keyword to build your second site .

    if you don't trust me and keywords i will give you , already reputed members Jr and Donor using my service for KWs research and know who trustedfire9 , if this thread isn't against the rules i will make them post reviews here , micro niche adsense services sell you site with low competition in adwords because you are a noob ! and don't know anything
    about Keywords value .

    I'm ready for any question , it's somewhat learn and earn JV .

    what I'm promising you :

    1. i will not give you keyword that i don't accept using it for myself

    2. if you are serious about IM you will learn and earn from this JV .

    i will choose limited numbers first , don't start this JV if you are not sure you will start IM or not .

    Note : no spam no scam plz don't ask me for KW if you don't plan to use my coupon , i will choose carefully but if happen and cheated me then i advise
    you don't use it for yourself cuz your sites will be taken down with banned adsense account because you cheated the wrong person .....if understand what i mean .

    if have questions ask here and i will answer you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.