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Non-US blog?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Leviathanos, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Leviathanos

    Leviathanos Junior Member

    Mar 14, 2010
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    Hey again. Long time since I visited last. I was out of the marketing business for a while but I am interested in getting back into it. Mostly because I am getting fucked over here by the government.

    As a student I am kinda giving up doing anything properly in English as my english is...well you can see yourself it's not that bad but it's not good enough for marketing.

    I'm a pretty poor student in Sweden and was thinking about making it as a blogger. My knowledge in SEO has already helped out a lot but there are a few problems and I was wondering if anyone had advice for this. Note that the "famous" bloggers in sweden are either already famour or blog about fashion...My fashion is that of a hobo.

    Are there ANY good cpm companies for international users? AdSense banned me without stating a reason and wont answer me. Currently going with Chitika but their ads for International traffic must be bad as I get no clicks. Why CPM? Well my main blog is a poltical blog where I discuss news and such, I have so far found no good niche offers for this (Nothing to sell to Swedish people in the politic/news niche.)

    My other blog is about..well blogging. I am teaching a lot of bloggers how to make money and how they can easily get visitors. I know it must seem bad now that I am asking for help but the difference is that they blog about fashion and such. If I knew ANYTHING about fashion I'd easily sell some stuff from the various advertisement companies I work with.

    So yes, any ideas or tips for me? I often post very...offending, posts in my political blog which gets me about 200-500 visitors a day. But I am clueless now. Is there even a point for me to keep on with this blog? All the niches I am passionate don't really sell. Politics, psychology and philosophy. Also note that I blog a lot. On my political blog I somedays post up to five times a day and on the other one at least twice.

    Sorry for the wall of text..