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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by moneymagnet246, Aug 19, 2016.

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    I've decided to expand a current website and have quite a few topics I can discuss but I'm unsure if their are keywords that will pertain to such topics. Because of so I'd like your opinions on having a silo/category filled with articles that aren't targeting any keywords? I do intend on doing KW research and trying to maximize my benefits but would articles with no focus keyword be a waste of the link juice that flows through the site?
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    I still think silos are key if you want to rank well with the minimum amount of link building.

    Each node targets its own term and has its own page. So the "baking" page discusses all kinds of baking and the "baking apple pies" page only talk about baking apple pies.

    Since all the pages about types of apple pies link to the main page for apple pies you are reinforcing your "Baking Apple Pies" page from above and below in terms of sculpting page rank. (being close to the home page supports from above and having good content under it supports from below.) Doing it this way help you build relevance for the term "Baking Apple Pies" on that page.
    • Baking
      • Baking Pies
        • Baking Apple Pies
          • Baking Apple Blintz Pies
          • Baking Dutch Apple Pies
          • Baking American Apple Pies
        • Baking Peach Pies
        • Baking Blueberry Pies
        • Baking Pecan Pies
      • Baking Bread
        • Baking White Bread
        • Baking Wheat Bread
        • Baking Challah Bread
        • Baking French Bread