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    I have a sent a lot of pm's to moderators and admins of this forum about sales.I want to list my item in sales but there is no reply.If i post a sales thread in services for sales section and if i contact moderators or admin and in case if they did not approve my service will i be banned from this forum.please reply to this thread and say me the exact way to list my sales item.

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    It isn't unusual for the mods not to get back to everyone that wants to make a sales thread. Especially if they are very new to the forum, or they haven't read all the rules regarding sales threads.

    You should first go into The Marketplace
    and check out the sticky threads in all the BST threads. Some of the rules that apply in all the BST threads are only found in sticky threads on one of them. Make sure that your thread complies with all the requirements. Especially look in these 3 forums and read these 2 threads.
    If you still think that your thread meets all the requirements, then follow the instructions in the sticky threads regarding how to follow up. If you become an annoyance over it then usually it will result in a denial, so be sure you've given it enough time. The mods actually are busy people.

    Hope that helps.
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