No Hands SEO Question


Nov 7, 2016
For anyone that has used NHSEO, how do you like it? I'm currently looking at getting the trial and testing it out, but I have a question or two first.

First off How long is it "Safe" to run it for at a time?

Second, can I use it to boost more than one Money site at a time? I would be using the NHSEO Proxies also.

Third does anyone have any "glory stories" of using the software? Have you done a 100% NHSEO project, and ranked high?

Any help is appreciated.
I think there have been a few case studies in the past. I haven't used the tool for a long time but last time I used it it was still working.

I'm wondering if it is outdated, I checked their forums and there hasn't been much activity.
There isn't much activity because most support is handled via email though I do check there periodically in case someone does post there. There have been multiple posts made on the forum in the last month or so.

If you have any question I will answer them.
Thanks Jim, I was going to private message you my questions, but I didn't have that ability yet... I forgot the password to my main BHW account and the account recovery email won't send for some reason. I will shoot you a message
I used NHSEO for a site and ranked it. But it was not 100% NHSEO projects. I build some Tier1 contextual links manually.
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