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    I redid an old site of mine by installing WordPress and now when I look at my site in SERPs it has no description under the title and the title isn't the actual title of the page. It has a title that is similar to the title of my page but much shorter and it CHANGES based on the search query?

    My title is Keyword One / Keyword Two - Something and something

    However, in SERPs the title is either Keyword One or Keyword Two. How the hell can this even happen? Also, like I said above there is no description at all. In SERPs it just shows a title and then under it is the url.

    This has caused my traffic to be cut by 1/3rd because I guess people skip past my listing as it looks weird due to a lack of description. I'm ranked middle first page for like 20 good traffic terms and now all of it is fucked up because of this weird change.

    Also, apparently the Wordpress Theme or maybe a plugin I installed edited my robots.txt to disallow my entire site. This meant all my AdSense ads turned into PSA ads so I lost hundreds of dollars over a week or so until I fixed it and got it respidered.

    This is really pissing me off. I've gone from a stable income to doubling the income with my site changes by installing WordPress and making it better then back to almost zero income from the robots.txt problem then back to double income and then back to almost zero again from this new description/title problem.
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    This happened to my new blog, the title was fine but it had no desc. When the spiders recrawled my site it was fixed, took about 5-6 days
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