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    Updated 2017 rules can be seen here:

    These rules no longer apply


    There have some threads popping up recently where employers are running contests or using crowdsourcing tactics to get work done.

    Ex - "Logo Design Contest" where the employer takes 50 submissions for free before choosing who gets paid, or "Name my Website for a chance at $20" type threads.

    This section is intended for employers to post work for hire (that means paid) and connect with freelancers form the forum.

    The immediate issue with crowdsourcing where there is no 3rd party to oversee a transaction is that there is no obligation for the seller to pay for work or award any freelancers a payment. As most of you know, the staff here does not oversee individual transactions made between members in this section.

    As many freelancers expect to see only work for hire in this section and there is no 3rd party to oversee these types of transactions, going forward crowdsourcing and/or contests of any kind will not be allowed in this section.

    As always a contest or promotion can be approved by contacting an administrator and getting consent prior to opening your thread.
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