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    RSVP Bot Requirements- The bot must be able to accurately read the product #specific hashtag and Rapid Fire DM's (Direct Messages) to the Specific store associated with the Name. The bot must be EXTREMELY ACCURATE..REMEMBER THAT. SPEED IS VERY IMPORTANT AS WELL.

    Direct Messages must be sent in less than Half of a second.
    Example: DM Sent in .3876 of a second.
    Ocr must be done in less than half of a second as well. THE FASTER THE BETTER
    Ocr Example: Ocr done in .2587 of a second. As you can tell the bot's OCR and DM times must be extremely fast and Accurate of course.

    The bot must be able to run on MAC & WINDOWS.
    I Must be able to add Unlimited names, and twitter accounts. The DM time between each name should not have a delay whatsoever.
    The Bot must also be User Friendly and have Graphical Interface.

    Remember the most important thing about this project is that this bot must be extremely fast!

    You as the Freelancer must make an Instructional video of how to install the bot.
    Program Must be fast and Accurate! Free Lancer must have background knowledge of making these kinds of programs.

    Please check out the Attachment's and Watch these video's of example programs that are out there!
    In one attachment I have an example of someone else program statistics I need my bot to be much faster than his! Keep In Mind that!

    Example Info: Circled Hashtag First Name Last Name Shoe Size
    Example DM: #FOAM John Carter 12

    If Nike Updates there system programmer must be able to Update as well.
    I will Pay for Updates.

    Email for faster Response! [obscured]

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    Add me up on skype or shoot me a PM , well i have also send you a message over elance.
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    were you able to get it to work?