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    I have many twitter accounts but none of them are made or aimed at any specific niche, there all just random accounts posting random tweets and random a few times a day.

    I want to start creating accounts that are niche percific for exsample a golf niche or buisiness. What do I need to do to create an account like this were do I get tweets to do with the niche from, I can get the adds and can post everything automatically. I just gunna have problems finding niche percific followers as I cannot always just search the niche in the keyword box in my following tool as it will add all the other internet marketers too lol.

    Is creating a niche percific account even a good idea or is it better to just have random people but keeping them to specific niche.

    If any one has any tips that would be great. Also is there a twitter toll that creates multiple accounts.. Thanks :)
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    I think niche accounts are better because your conversion will be higher.
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    Isn't keeping random people to a specific niche more or less the same as having a specific niche account EXCEPT that your random people PROBABLY won't give a shit about your niche?

    So why do that?

    The entire POINT behind a site like Twitter is to engage in communication with LIKE-MINDED people i.e., you like sports so you find other users who like sports and now you two talk sports.

    Very simple really...

    I have just under 60 accounts now and yes, all but ONE are niche specific... Meaning that I build the account to attract a specific niche of people but remember... The follower that you get following you because of your niche may not be following others in the same niche. Your niche could simply be a passing interest or something that just caught their eye for the time being.

    The best one can do is to target as many other users that SEEM to be interested in the same niche -- then follow them and hopefully, get at least a 25% return on your followers... I actually get more like a 40% return on the users I follow to follow me back

    It's a numbers game so build your numbers... Except for the cam girl accounts that I've built which were more of an experiment than anything else, I concentrate on building a QUALITY niche specific Twitter account.

    That means no spamming. That means helpful tweets within the niche. Concentrate on growing your niche specific accounts to at least 2500 followers before you ever tweet some promotion link... Why? By then, your followers will have been LULLED into thinking this Twitter user isn't the usual spammer. He or she only tweets USEFUL info.

    Take part in the #FF and #FollowFriday action along with RT (retweeting) as this will help build your account really fast in addition to your consistent following of targeted niche Twitter users.

    With just a little action each day, you can easily get your account up to 2500 followers in the first month... That's an entire month that your followers see what they perceive to be a cool Twitter account... i.e., no spamming -- useful and helpful tweets. After a consistent month of this activity, your niche specific followers are RIPE for a promotional link but you can't just blast it out there as if you want to make money from it.

    Put some thought into the tweet... It needs to be a good product that you are not only promoting but RECOMMENDING because it either helped you in some way or someone recommended it to you and you LOVE IT... LOL. Not saying this has to be TRUE -- just saying that your tweets need to reflect this kind of promotion for your followers to click the link and investigate. Be prepared for questions about the product you're recommending... That means you've gotta know something about it so that you can adequately answer any questions.

    Take the first month of NOT promoting anything except in your profile link to learn about all the products you want to promote in month number 2. That way, you'll be ready when the questions come.

    If you've set your Twitter account up PROPERLY and laid the right foundation, you can't help but make money -- GOOD MONEY -- on Twitter.

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    You can use and follow people who twitter about a certain keyword that is relevant to the niche you want. You can also find somebody who is big in your niche like blogging, john chow, and follow all of their followers.

    That's how I think most people create their niche accounts.