Niche site Guru's help/advice needed in SEO


Oct 15, 2013
Trying to rank a niche website for low competition KW, but got some trouble, please give me some advice if You can.

  • top competitors got less than 30 backlinks.
  • Their onpage SEO is around 7 points out of 10. (in my oppinion)
  • Their content is less then 800 words / page.
  • Top 5 result's avg. domain authority is around 22
  • Top 5 result's avg. page authority is around 30

What i've got:

  • 2 months old domain (new site)
  • unique relevant content of 800+ words (3 pages + contact us, privacy etc.)
  • relevant Title, description, h1, h2, h3 tags, i think onsite seo made good with KW density under 4% and long tail KWs are included also in the content
My link building:

  • got 20pcs web 2.0 manually built properties, with unique content (made by a trusted service here in BHW), blasted with some links (all got indexed)
  • got 50 PBN posts, unique content, images, all pr 2+, homepage links, etc. (made by a trusted service here in BHW)
  • got around 200 blog comments to money site (hand made, manual comments, all pr2+ (but not relevant and not sure how many are indexed))

The problem is i'm out of budget, and the site is ranking for the main keyword from 50th to 60th positions.
Please tell me am I missing something?
What else can i do?
Should i blast the sh!t out of my web 2.0s?
I just don't understand why the site can't reach the 1st page.
EDIT: Forgot to mention also got a 3 year old pr4 expired domain 301 redirect to give some authority and age.
According to majestic it looks like this:

The main KW is about 14%. I'm using LSI and long tail KW anchors as well.

According to Ahrefs it looks like this:
My guess is over optimization for the on-page seo, perfect sometimes looks like BHS
So here's your problem.

1. Your site is a massive 5 pages, with only 3 pages of actual content.
2. Your keyword may not be as "low competition" as you think.
3. 50 PBN links is more than enough if the keyword is low competition, so it's either a crap service or your keyword research is off.

If you're out of budget it would seem your SOL eh?

You obviously need more links at this point, as that is probably your biggest problem. I doubt it's something like anchor text variation etc.
My guess is over optimization for the on-page seo, perfect sometimes looks like BHS

Yeah, not out of the question. The ~4% keyword density could be lowered. Also, if the H1, H2 etc. all contain ONLY the targeted keyword, that could be something as well.
Hi Mate,
You need to build strong links for your site from Elite site(High PR/DA sites). make sure you are in a right On page SEO. Because that is the core for your website to get good ranking.
And check the links of the competitors maybe they have 30 backlnks that are stronger then 10000 crappy ones. Quality before quantity bro.
Thank You for responses guys!
It seems like my onpage SEO wasn't that good that i thought :)
It seems I was trying so hard not to get penalyzed and rank for long tail KWs that my site's content not even contains the main keyword in "exact match". Fixin this and will update the results in a few days.
Thanks for helping me out! Cheers!
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