Niche research advice / will it lead?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by demonrulez, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Jan 17, 2015
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    Im new in the CPA/PPD game.

    What I know :

    -How to build a good Website
    -Keyword Research
    -Onpage SEO
    -Offpage SEO ala Whitehat & Blackhat with SEnuke
    -Building OK Landing Pages
    -Building Fake applications with visual basics
    -creating Videos for the proof
    -Basic photoshop stuff

    So far the thing I lack the most is finding a good niche and I hope you guys might have some advice for me.

    My niche research for the moment looks like this:

    -google hot trends & similar sites
    -youtube trends
    -spy on competition searching on youtube for "free download" +filter last month +views
    -think about everything people that is usally not free or not legal(cheats, hacks, point generator)
    -Other stuff people want for free, only things I know is money, coupons, raffles
    -write possible niches down, check for subniches

    -Check monthly search volume for main niche keywords
    -Check monthly search volume for sub niche keywords
    -Spy on competition & check if I could take their rank in google

    With this methods I struggle to find a good niche, and at the very rar moments I find a possible niche...

    I always ask myself, WILL IT LEAD?
    The answer to this mighty question is most of the times not really or NO because I dont think that people will actually fill out a survey.
    I might overestimate the intelligence of the target audience, or just simply overthink.

    Sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated!

    Greetz! :)
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    Go pay for niche research and utilize the skills you have obtained without worrying about picking something you know nothing about.

    I'm sure if you paid enough you could hire a person who would take your interests into consideration and easily match a niche to your personality and enable you to look forward to coming back to the root domain on a daily basis.
  3. demonrulez

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    Jan 17, 2015
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    After days of brainstorming I finally found my way to get niche ideas.

    Im a problem solver, I can solve any problem.
    Then I think myself into my target audience, how they probally spent their day and which problems & wishes they might mave.
    Baaaamm a ton of good niches come into my head =)