Niche Product Site – How To Monetize?

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    Hi all,

    I?ve recently bought the .net EMD for a popular nail varnish product brand, that gets 3000+ EM US searches.

    My question is, what is the best way to monetize this type of website?
    My first thought was to create a website that replicates the real merchant?s site without infringing any copyright laws, using similar content and then integrating an Amazon aStore with the site so that users can purchase the nail varnish products from my site as though it was the actual merchant site.

    As I have not made a niche site of this sort before, I?m wondering where the line is drawn (in US law) between a site that is similar and a site that is infringing on copyright laws.

    For example, I know I can?t use their logo, but can I use their brand name in a picture with a different font? And can I have their brand name in the top left hand side of the website?

    In the text I will only refer to the products and not to the company itself nor state or imply that the website is selling the products, so that I won?t be seen to be impersonating the company. Also I will put a clause in the terms which states that the user accepts that the website is in no way affiliated with the company I?m impersonating so to speak.
    The other obvious option is to create a review site, but seeing as I have the .net EMD for the product name (the .com is not bought but not being used for anything so there?s no competition there) I thought I might try this.

    Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.