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Niche Flyer Advertising Method (A Spin On The Pizza Method)

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Dr Acula, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Jun 8, 2013
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    I want to begin here as I mean to go on: Providing solid methods that I have used and know to work. A search of the forum here turned up a great method by a dude (I think) called areevezcash. Here it is: (Balls. I can't post URLs yet. Title is "Great offline method! Im working it now!") I actually use a similar method that employs a spin on his (I came across his while checking to see I wasn't posting something old).

    You're going to be paying shops to hand out flyers to their customers. I tell you this here so the following steps make sense from the get-go.

    1. Assess small shops in your area for affiliate-matching possibilities.

    Small shops (not chains) work best because you can walk in and speak directly to the owner. You want shops whose customers can be matched to relevant affiliate offers. And you want offers that look and in fact are entirely legit (so avoid the legion of Win A Free Iphone, etc, offers). Shop owners must have confidence in your offer, see that it can add value to their enterprise, and not piss off their customers. Net Flix or Love Film work well with the 18 to 24 year-old audience (young clothing stores, technology / gadget shops). Amazon (Kindles and related Kindle products) work well in general and second-hand book stores. Dating works well in bars, pubs with a twenty-something patronage, and night clubs. (Be sure to choose dating sites wisely. You don't want cookie cutter sites with multiple niche landing pages and the same back end. Choose a decent site. Hookup sites work best for night clubs; singles for bars and pubs.) Credit Score niche has potential, too, but I'm still hunting for the right location. If you live near a pawn broker or, in the UK, a cash converter, you could try those places. The idea is to match products to shops.

    2. Create a professional-looking review site using your location in the name.

    Location name is important. It's eye-catching and will more effectively intrigue the prospect to type it in than a generic domain name. Example: WallaceMovieFans; FlintCreditScore. The site must look professional as heck. People are less likely to think Joe Smo has created the site and more likely to believe it's a site they can trust by a professional entity. They may even believe it's affiliated with the actual products you're reviewing in the case of a single-product review site. Keep the text to a minimum (people hate to read), maybe throw up a Fiverr video made by someone in your area (or with that accent) to give location-authenticity, and get them off your site and to the product ASAP.

    3. Design flyers in Photoshop and get a printers to create 500+ colour flyers.

    Get them printed out before you approach a store. If you don't find any store to accept your offer, you're out a few pounds / dollars / whatever. BUT . . . if they do accept, you can look professional and get the money ball rolling right away by handing over the flyers. Start out by giving each store 500 flyers. This is a good test and you can get them printed out cheaply. I buy in bulk but I'm sure I can get 500 for £12.

    4. Approach stores.

    Ask to speak to the owner and be straight-forward and honest. He or she will likely either know you or have seen you in town so this breaks the ice and increases trust. Say you own a local website and you believe it will help you and them make a little extra money and do so painlessly. Play it down: "A few extra bucks / quid." You represent Net Flix / Love Film ? Whatever and have a local site that reviews it. If his or her staff will spend a second and toss in one of your flyers into a bag each time they sell something, you'll either pay him or her a set rate or give them a cut of your profits. Some places prefer a few cents or pence per flyer, others wants a cut, so be nice and give the option. Tell them it might help to pay towards the wages of whoever you have working at the counter. (This is a nice close; smaller stores love the idea of getting cheaper labour.)

    5. If yes, hand over the flyers.

    If no, let them know there's no hard feelings, but if they change their mind (hand over a business card) you'd love to do business.

    I'm not going to post my earnings or % conversions. With regard the latter, it would be useless knowledge - they vary between stores and products and how badly I screwed up the website or the flyer or choice of product.

    What I will say is this is something that will likely not get saturated where you live and it can provide a relatively stable and passive income stream. It's also an opportunity to think outside the box. I've given some examples above, but there are dozens of possible avenues to explore.


    Dr Acula
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