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Marketplace Thread Approved
This niche edit service has been tested by the marketplace moderation team to ensure that it meets the standards for the marketplace. The service has been checked to ensure that it can deliver what it advertised and in accordance to its TAT or in a timely manner if no TAT was provided.

Service Information
  • All or the majority of the links that were delivered were live.
  • The articles were confirmed to have been aged.
  • All metrics advertised in the service were correct.
  • My links and anchors were added to the articles in a way that was at least readable.
  • Note: We cannot verify that the links this service provides are actually permanent. If the links you receive drop after a certain amount of time, please report the thread so that a marketplace moderator can investigate this.
Thread Edit Log
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Information For Buyers:
  • Service Quality: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
  • Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the disputes process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the dispute resolution section rules and procedures.
  • Review Copies: Per the marketplace rules, if a seller does not offer trials or review copies, please do not request them in the sales thread, otherwise your post will be removed and further action may be taken.
Interested in a Review Copy. Thanks!
(this is a review copy)

After a swift reply from @masterseo9 I was fortunate enough to be selected for a review copy and this is my review. The domain is great with a Dr of 77 you can't go wrong with this service. The article got indexed in less than 1 hour on Google.

The seller manages time efficiently. Response time is outstanding all you need is your domain and keyword.

The seller can assist in every matter and make sure everything is running smoothly.
One of the fastest, hassle-free services I've received yet. Quality service indeed. Very pleasant, and highly organized, as it should be. TAT is as promised, very good, Overall I am very satisfied with this service and I am rating it 5 stars.

I Will be ordering more for sure!


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Swift reply, great communication, and fast delivery (At the given TAT).
A highly appreciated seller, and service that deserves a spot in our great community.

I was selected for an early review copy and I'm thankful to the seller. I will go straight to pros and cons of this service.

- fast response time from the seller, very good TAT
- link was integrated in a good quality article that was readable and flowing well. It was not 100% contextual but I believe it's acceptable overall.
- the domain has a strong DR 77 and DA 63
- the article seems to have been written almost an year ago, yet it's NOT Google indexed. I was disappointed about this aspect, as it makes the link useless.

I intend to update for the better my review in case of a replacement of my link, as I doubt it can be suddenly indexed in the near future. So, I still cannot give any clear recommendation.
My review

I was fortunate to receive a review copy for a niche edit. And I am very happy with it!

Metrics: DA 63, indexed URLs 41k, created 2012, RD 32k, traffic 30k. So just by looking at the price, I would say this is fair pricing.

They placed the edit where it made sense, natural looking, in an article 3 weeks old. And they were very fast.

So no complaints at all, thumbs up!

I received 1 niche edit as a free review copy.

Seller was calm, friendly and responsive to chat so this was done pretty fast.

He gave me the page he proposed for the niche edit for my approval, and it was indeed a familiar blog with a lot of independent contributors.

My niche is pet, so while the page is relevant to my niche, the topic is not perfect and the link was slapped to the page.

For the link, you can find the metrics here
I got a review copy from @masterseo9

- Fastest TAT I have ever seen (Under 24h)
- Link placed in a relevant article (kitchen remodeling, my KW is regarding kitchen appliances).
- Article is readable, 1 year old, and indexed.
- Domain metrics:

- Along with my link, there are two more inserted links in the article.

All in all, good service, I'd recommend it!
I was fortunate enough to be selected for a review copy and this is my review. The domain is great with a Dr of 77 you can't go wrong with this service. The article got indexed really quickly on Google.

Response time is outstanding all you need is your domain and keyword.

I will be ordering again.

I received a free niche edit as a review copy.

TAT was lightning fast and easy to communicate.

DR 77
58K monthly traffic

Good quality service.

wow - received my review copy. After request it took less than 24 hours and the link was already set at the article. Extreme speed, respect.

Now for my review:
- Overall, the Niche-Edit has over 70 DR / 20 UR | at Ahrefs and +60k traffic. Also one screen from majstic:

The niche and the article is 100% suitable for my link target. Also, the link was reasonably placed in the text, because the paragraph complements the link target very well.
- The article is 1400 words long.
- It is not a PBN, looks like a clean page.
- Further up in the article is another link, which is why the link juice for my link is reduced. Let's see if rankings change in 2-3 weeks. I will write an update in any case.

Great and good quality for the price. I mean he offer just DR30 sites and deliver DR70.
I received a review copy for the niche edit and I am very happy with the work done.

The link was placed in an article that is indexed by Google and is relevant to my niche. The TAT was extremely fast and was live within 24 hours.

The metrics of the site was 77 DR on Ahref and 61 DA Moz with over 60k visits per month.

Will see how this impacts my rankings, but I am hopeful due to the quality provided.
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