Niche Blogs, I have some questions.

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by shndany, Jun 10, 2014.

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    1 - Buy blogs in a bulk from one of the guys that sell pre-made niche blogs or hire a designer and build one myself?
    2 - With what frequency should I update the blogs?
    3 - With 10 blogs and spending spending money in SEO services in order to rank the blog or buying traffic ($400~500 USD) what can be the return?
    4 - Is it better to buy traffic or hiring someone to do SEO services?
    5 - If blogs start being profitable, should I spend money in re-design in order to make the blogs more user-friendly or should I focus in increasing the amount of blogs?

    Any other typs and suggestions are appretiated c:
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    Jun 9, 2014
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    1. This really depends on what you wanna do, how many you need and what your budget is. Basically, it is always good to acquire some Wordpress skills, because in IM you'll always need them. But sometimes, it makes sense to purchase pre-made niche sites, go to the Warriorforum and do a search for PLR niche blogs and you'll find plenty for little money that you then can customize to your own needs.
    2. Again, depends on what you wanna achieve. For affiliate marketing purposes you might not need to put a lot of content on it, an article a week or so might be just ok. If you wanna establish an authority site, you need a lot of content on a daily basis, on the other hand.
    3. Same as before, as long as it is unclear what you are trying to achieve (what niche and what monetization method) , this can't be answered at all. Also, you don't know or let us know your method of driving traffic. There is cheap traffic for almost every niche, but some traffic that will convert in one niche won't in another. There is also more expensive traffic which is better targeted and more responsive and might convert better for one niche than another. In the end, you wanna know your EPC (Earnings Per Click) and make sure you always stay above 1, meaning you get at least $1 back for every $ spent in order not to go negative.
    4. Whether you get paid traffic or outsource SEO - you always pay for traffic! Even doing SEO yourself you pay - the time amount for learning the ropes and the tools needed. As mentioned in #3, it depends what niche you're in and what you are trying to achieve. Once you know the answer these questions, you can think about what traffic would be best for it. Always keep in mind that relying on SEO entirely, you will not be able to get any immediate results, while paid traffic absolutely can.
    5. Don't focus on design issues of your blog but rather the value you provide for your target audience or prospects. As long as you provide value and offer a solution to the audience you are focusing, you will be making sales. Site desing won't make you any sales! And once you are profitable, why do you wanna increase the number of blogs? You should test different traffic campaigns, and select the winning ones, the ones with the best EPC. Once you have a winner, roll over the profit you make from the blog into advertising and slowly increase that budget. When testing, always split-test your campaigns and continue with the winner. Also, never change more than one factor when testing, also never change traffic campaigns AND site design or copy on the blog Why? Because you then won't know what factor caused the change.

    Hope that helps!
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    Basically what this guy said, I can't stress it enough to stay far away from any pre-made blogs. It's called a turn key solution and chances are any content on it has been sold 20+ times.
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    Everything has already been explained thoroughly therefore I can only add that you do some research first on what you plan, put a timeline of your plans and goals and what you are willing to do before you get on to any of these. Won't hurt if you are sure of what you want and how you want it achieved.