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    I am intrigued by the immergance of NFC (Near Field Communication). I truely believe it will be as momentus here as it is in other places in the world where people use NFC to pay for gas, pay bills, lock their homes, etc. As such, this means opportunity for income for us. This community is so awesome, I just got 3 websites that have search terms which will be used in the NFC world. My thinking is to use them to generate traffic, and send them elsewhere. Other ideas?

    The new sites are:

    NFChouses_com (saw people locking/unlocking their homes with it)
    NFCgasoline_com (saw a picture of a person buying gas with it)
    NFCbonus_com (figured at some point that Visa, Mastercard, etc will offer promotions or bonuses for using NFC to buy stuff / pay bills)
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