**News** Incoming 4th generation intel processor. More powerfull+Strong Graphics card

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    From M.A.R.S.
    Intel 4th generation processors code name is ?Haswell? . This processor will be used on Pc,Laptop and ultrabook. For high performance graphics card it will be loaded with Intel HD5200 graphics card which performance can be similar with NVIDIA GT 540 & AMD REDEON HD6670 .

    What was in 3rd generation processor:
    # A 22 nm manufacturing process.

    # 3D tri-gate transistors.

    # A 14-stage pipeline (since the Core micro-architecture).

    # Mainstream up to quad-core.
    # Native support for dual channel DDR3.
    # 64 kB (32 kB Instruction + 32 kB Data) L1 cache and 256 kB L2 cache per core.

    The new feature will be added to 4th generation processors:

    # Haswell New Instructions (HNI, includes Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2), gather, bit manipulation, and FMA3 support).
    # New sockets ? LGA 1150 for desktops and rPGA947 & BGA1364 for the mobile market. It is possible that Socket R3 will replace LGA 2011 for server Haswells.
    # Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX).
    # Graphics support in hardware for Direct3D 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0.
    # DDR4 for the enterprise/server variant (Haswell-EX).
    # Variable Base clock (BClk)[24] like LGA 2011.
    # Supervisor mode access prevention (SMAP).

    Expected features:

    # Shrink PCH from 65 nm to 32 nm.
    # A new cache design.
    # Up to 32 MB unified cache LLC (Last Level Cache).
    # Support for Thunderbolt technology.
    # There will be four versions of the integrated GPU: GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT3e. According to VR-Zone, the GT3 version will have 20 execution units Another source, SemiAccurate, however says that the GT3 will have 40 EUs with an accompanying 64MB cache on an interposer An additional source, AnandTech, agrees that GT3 will have 40 EUs, and states there will be a version with up to 128MB of embedded DRAM, but makes no mention of an interposer Haswell's predecessor, Ivy Bridge, has a maximum of 16 EUs.
    # New advanced power-saving system.
    # Fully integrated voltage regulator, thereby moving a component from the motherboard onto the CPU.
    # 37, 47, 57 W thermal design power (TDP) mobile processors.
    # 35, 45, 65, 84, and ~100+ W (high-end, Haswell-E) TDP desktop processors.
    # 10 W TDP processors for the Ultrabook platform (multi-chip package like Westmere) leading to reduced heat which results in thinner as well as lighter Ultrabooks, but performance level will be lower than the 17W version.

    The desktop processors are:

    Core i7-4770K
    Core i7-4770
    Core i7-4770S
    Core i7-4770R
    Core i7-4770T
    Core i7-4765T

    Core i5-4670K
    Core i5-4670
    Core i5-4670S
    Core i5-4670R
    Core i5-4670T
    Core i5-4570
    Core i5-4570S
    Core i5-4570R
    Core i5-4570T
    Core i5-4330
    Core i5-4330S

    Mobile processor which will be used in Laptop:
    Core i7-4930MX
    Core i7-4950MQ
    Core i7-4900MQ
    Core i7-4850HQ
    Core i7-4800MQ

    Source: Internet
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    From M.A.R.S.
    Thanks. You can find more info at google news.