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    so i was searching the internet for a news aggregator website and i came across this: (NOT MINE)

    it looks clean, loads fast and basically just shows the top last 24 hour news only - which is what most people read on a news website anyways.

    the main problem i see is that upon clicking an article it takes you away from your website, which is not ideal, since you want to keep users on your website as long as possible.

    also it doesn't have any categories for sports / politics / jobs / lifestyle etc

    and it does not have any monetization options

    so i came up with couple fixes but i need some programmer's knowledge and any critique

    1) can this be made an automatic process 24/7 by just giving different website links and it takes the articles from it and putting them in respective categories?

    2) if the above is not possible (or very highly expensive) can it be made by giving users the opportunity to do this, BUT there is an automatic check of the link for duplicates and won't let people post it?

    3) to avoid legal issues by just copy and pasting their articles onto your website, what about an embedding of each article upon clicking? will this make the website slow af? (something like this type of embedding - )

    4) monetization 1 : since articles are now embedded, can adverts run on the sidebar of every article?

    5) monetization 2 : keep it ad free and make it based purely on donations like Wikipedia ? - do you think people would donate ?

    6) how much would a copy of this website cost to make ? and what if i add the features above please? (if i hire a freelancer for example) (estimate ofcourse)