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Newbs journey to riches

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by foghorn, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. foghorn

    foghorn Registered Member

    Aug 12, 2012
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    Like the title says I am a newb to IM. I've done eBay and such and some offline selling but that's about it for marketing. I have lurked here a long time off and on but never did a whole method I found here. I have about 200 bucks for this project if I live cheap the next two weeks. Valentines day is today... crap. Yes $150 to work with.

    Ok so in this journey I will be trying to make money as fast as possible but still make something that will hold/build value over the long term. Mainly my site. My original plan was based off the Shopify and AliExpress dropshipping method that seems to be all the rage these days. After choosing niche I set some stuff up, ran some numbers and concluded two things.

    1. Ads are probably too expensive for what I'm selling. If I only make $15 a sale then ads can't be more than .15 cents to break even assuming my conversion rate is the industry standard of 1 percent. Honestly I have never done anything like this so I have no idea what could happen. Although I did find some big keywords (generic but related) for 5 cents. If I keep using new google accounts with the $75 coupon I'm only paying 1.25 cent a click. If i get 1000 clicks for $12.50 and those click only convert at 1/4 % thats 2.5 sales averaging for $45 and thats $32.5 (78%) profit after ads. I will get my entire family to make google ad accounts if I have to!
    2. My niche is actually good for natural ranking (I think). It has low competition for most keywords but best of all almost all keywords have quadrupled in traffic in the least year. I believe that this Niche has just begun to expand at a rapid rate and will for years to come. I'm going with my gut on this one.

    OK so I know there is a lot of assuming going on so I'll need to start playing around to see how this can actually can work.

    First I set up my Shopify account. I used a free template, wrote a home page article about my Niche but really promoting my "sub-niche" and then made pages for 3 products that I already found at a good price. Was really easy to set up but there were a few annoyances. First the free trial for shopify is useless. Second as soon as I gave them money they put my account on hold for 3 days while verifying my ID I all of a sudden had to send them. OK so Yes I used Shopify but I do plan on getting my own domain and converting this into a Niche site that sell products on the side instead of the other way around like it is now. I plan on building the site myself. I have enough web dev knowledge for eCommerce/blog but I am still kinda newb. For now I'm trying to reduce the number of things I need to learn to be profitable and then go from there.

    Next! Like I said I already wrote one 600 word article for people coming to the main page and to look legit for google and amazon but I want to focus on content that will be the back bone of my traffic generating process. This will include articles and videos. Also I have a family member who is starting out in graphic design and I will get some cheap/free work hopefully outta her in return for some help selling her skills:) Also I have a guy on upwork who says hes big into my niche and will write for me for pretty cheap but who knows.

    TIL about google ads $75 coupon. When I went to get coupon they sent me an email saying I need to call this number to redeem coupon. I was expecting an automated code generator. What I got was a real person! For the first 30 seconds of the call we were both just trying to figure out why we were even talking. It was funny as hell. Once she realized I just wanted the code she told me to just input the code though my google account. *face palm. So basically what I got for calling was a free manual review from google of a site that had literally no content at the time! Turns out tho the chick was pretty cool, I small talked her for a few mins, told her my content was coming very soon and everything was OK.

    I have already been spending a lot of time on keyword research. Pretty newb but I have a list I can at least start working with. I decided to buy my domain name from name cheap so at least start the aging process. Learned a hard lesson. I bought the name from namecheap and went to transfer to my hosting company but apparently you have to wait 60 days first?!? CRAP. I searched for 8 hours for that name! Do you have to buy name from hosting company?
    So now I have Shopify, google, FaceBook, Amazon sellers and YouTube all set up in my real name with real cc info and a few even have my picture ID. Didn't really need all this but I feel better with no more surprise verifications!

    For traffic I'm going to start out with these sources listed in order I will do them. I will only work on one at a time to maintain focus and productivity but may start posting to various sites just for making accounts look legit sake. For Reddit this is easy because I go there anyway so why not start aging and building legit looking users.

    • YouTube: Making videos should be easy. I basically just need to screen capture some stuff and add some free music. I could stoop as low as mashing up other peoples videos and get away with it. I can even monetize and be fine. Here's the other thing about YT, I have a two year old account that I posted a few clips of a tv show on and today after doing nothing for 2 years I have 900 subs and 3 million views. All vids are flagged for copyright but it says allowed by Viacom. This YT account is in my real name and I don't want to mess it up but I'm getting 30k views a week and a few of my vids are dominating serps for all kinds of keywords including a celebs name. Also some major sites have my videos embedded in their page. I'm just going to start making videos as planned but leave this account alone for now. Get a few TY account I can afford to lose and do some lite comment spamming.
    • Facebook: Honestly not sure what I'm doing here so I'll just make a page for my site and pages for my 3 main products. Links are good.
    • Redit: I know I spelled it wrong, don't want those guys coming here :) This is a hard place to make stuff work but when it does it works great. Having multiple YT accounts to link with multiple Redit accounts from will help the shit stick to the wall I think. If I write titles good enough to get one post with 500 plus karma I will be rolling traffic. This will also take some decent content. Also PM me if I can get an invite your some upvote groups.
    • Instagram: Use pictures I'll have anyway here and join some groups.
    • Pintrest: Same as above.
    • Forums: Make a few posts on some bigger forums in my niche. Later I will look at zenoposter/scrapbox when I can afford it.
    • Craigslist: The old "Hey sorry, I don't have the item anymore but you can buy it from here" trick. Ya know on the slow days :)
    • Google search: Well obliviously this is long term and don't expect a return for a long time but in everything else I do I will have this in mind. I know how to code my site for seo, make good titles/descriptions on videos blah blah and will when ever I get the chance.

    Phew that was a lot. Mainly wrote this thread to stay focused and document my progress. Also hope it helps someone. Any question/suggestions feel free.
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  2. success1988

    success1988 Regular Member

    Jun 2, 2008
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    well that sound like a plan.. go for it bro..