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Newbies - Start with the offer!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by MatteoMatt, Oct 7, 2016.

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    Sep 28, 2016
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    I hope this thread is on topic here, but since i've been back, and in the past I see TONS of threads that ask, how do I start making money or internet marketing? I'm sure this question will always keep popping up, and I am not claiming to provide all the answers here by any means.

    This is just a basic concept, but one many beginners lack.

    However, I do have a good tip that may help some of you who still are lost.

    Start with the offer!

    You can essentially break IM down into 3 main components, although this only applies to the most basic model of marketing, whereas more advanced models often convert better.

    Traffic Source (google,paid,social)-----> Marketing Gimmick / Landing Page------> Offer

    I think most people come on here and look at the first 2 options, where do I get traffic and how do I convert?

    My recommendation is to also look at your Offer before anything else. Better yet look for any offer, one that people say is converting, or you see being promoted a lot, or that you just know is a good offer to try.

    The point of the whole thread, is marketers must be creative in some way, not necessarily a lot.

    The way I do it is, I look at the offer first, such as say a "To catch a cheater CPA offer" and THEN I brainstorm ideas on how I promote it. Its not hard to think of ideas, creating fake social accounts with dramatic breakup stories for example.

    I know this doesn't give newbies concrete information, because you could have ALL the steps and still fail. This industry takes determination and self-starters.

    Instead of sitting around asking how to make money, check out some offers, join a CPA Network or 2, and just try something out. It might not be as good as some methods on here, but this is a huge step towards not being dependent on others for success.

    Hope this helped some people. This is one way I start out with new niches and campaigns.
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    Sep 9, 2016
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    Thank you