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Newbie's 2 nd day- ultimate path for key success

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ComRade667, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    hello friends,

    In the previous post, i have provided the outline for building natural juicy links to your site. BTW, now let's see what is web 2.0 and what are all the mistakes people do in web 2.0.

    If you failed to view the previous post, you can check out on white hat seo->simplest way to RANK your site-Especially for newbie's

    What is web 2.0?

    Web 2.0 is just like blogging, what you do in blogging? Simply post an article and provide some relevant links to other valuable sites. Likewise, you have to build artificial links in web 2.0 sites for directing your site for gathering relevant information about that niche (which is carried to show a fake look to GOOGLE BOT) :prof10:

    Web 2.0 is the best practice for shooting natural links to your site gradually. From my opinion, you have to choose some promising web 2.0 sites in order to avoid some vital issues. If you discover the best web 2.0 sites then you can get natural juicy links to your site.
    Some of the best web 2.0 websites are

    Blogymate.com etc.

    You can easily identify lots more best web 2.0 sites but check for how many blog posts allowed in particular site. For example, Yola.com is a popular web 2.0 website but they allowed only 3 posts so it is undesirable. But, above mentioned sites provides unlimited bog post that is very suitable for getting high score links to your site.

    What are the common mistakes people do while carrying web 2.0? :stupido3:

    Of course, it is common for anyone to make mistakes while performing any act but the people who realize their mistakes can achieve their goal smartly.

    Even when I was newbie to Seo, I made lots of mistakes on each phases of Seo so literally, I will share what I made wrong during Seo. I hope, people who read this post would avoid those mistakes what I have made before :cool:

    Duplicate content- Never works on Seo but in some cases if you were lucky; there is a chance to visualize the success but two out of hundred gets this kind of bumper success.

    Forget tags & keyword- If you supposed to mention the tags then bot cannot recognize the respective niche and what you are focusing on.
    Automated content (using tools) ? Don?t use automated contents from tools because the readability of the content is reduced and even bot easily recognize the duplicate content. It is just like copying+pasting L. 100% handwritten content works perfect for web 2.0

    Navigation error- when you are placing a link directing towards your site, check for the redirection process because a minor mistake on linked url may redirect your link to other?s site so act wisely while placing links.

    Fail to place images- do you know, when you use automated tools for web 2.0; it generates automated contents on web 2.0 sites and even places your link on that site but most of the tools never uses images. So, Bot easily identify the involvement of tools in building juicy links then you got penalized.
    Do not resemble like automated tool, spend some time on including images on your web 2.0 post and provided caption, alt text etc. in order to prove that you are not the automated tool.

    Some great points you have to consider while doing web 2.0

    Place two or more links on web 2.0 sites. One directing your newbie site and other directing any best site regarding the same niche. This practice will show a natural look.

    If you insert the link on the first paragraph of web 2.0 post, the authority of the link gets even higher.

    Involvement makes you success.

    I think the post is grown over and over so I make this as end point. If I forget to mention some sensible tips then mark those tips folks.
    I always like to resolve your queries so shoot your questions :newbie:'s.

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