Newbie Youtube SEO question. Please help.

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by LTcashman, Jan 20, 2013.

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    I'm new to all this SEO stuff. I have a fitness site setup reviewing affiliate products. I want to focus on video marketing to gain traffic. I learned recently that when you are using google keyword tool to try and find out competition levels for keywords that you can't really go by the Low to High rankings because that is for Adsense and PPC (i think). I'm told you have to have a type of software that will rank the top 10 (first page) strength of websites for that keyword. The number of search results doesn't matter either, it only matters how strong the top 10 are and if you can outrank them.

    This makes a lot of sense to me, but I was wondering if it works the same with youtube? For example, if I type in my desired keyword in youtube search, is it easier to rank for a keyword if it shows 5,000 search results compared to if it shows 500,000 search results? Do the number of search results not really matter, only the strength of the top 10 videos and videos channel's matter?

    I understand this is a very newbie question, but I'm new to all this. Thanks for any feedback :)

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    I guess you kind of hit it there, but this is not the case with EVERYTHING. Yes, generally it would be easier - but what is the best answer is if your competition has great SEO. By that, I mean a decent amount of views, real audience commenting, and real likes. If you can realistically get a decent roll of followers to come through and get them to like a video, or even leave a comment - it will make your job easier.

    The reason I say it's not the case for everything, because lets say you have a keyword with ONLY 10 search results, but they all have 500,000 views to each, with high retention rate, high comments, and a high amount of likes. (There is probably no keyword out there that has this type of search results) It would obviously, however, be very hard to rank your video for.

    Edit: This will give you a better answer, rather than Google Keyword Tool, by the way - it's directed towards Youtube.