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Newbie with Tour Company

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by IndigoTravel, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. IndigoTravel

    IndigoTravel Newbie

    Sep 8, 2015
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    Hi Guys,

    First up, I have a tour company in the UK providing weekend excursions to lots of places such as Paris, Amsterdam and other UK destinations. We've been operating for about 5 years now and we're quite well established in Schools and Colleges and we run a frequent schedule of tours.

    I'm also a php developer and I've started getting into the world of SEO, its sooooo much bigger than I first thought and its hard to know where to begin!

    Our website has already got good rankings for keywords to do with our company name, but for keywords like 'tours to Paris' 'Amsterdam weekends' there is a fair amount of competition. Our Google traffic is only about 50-100 ppl per day and I'm here on BHW to find out how to get our traffic to over 1000 per day. Is this something that's feasible?

    Could anyone give me some advice on how and where to start sourcing this traffic?

    Also, if anyone is already in the travel niche and think that this is something that would interest them, I can easily make widgets to track bookings and can give a good commission on each sale.. You can search our company, its Indigo Travel..

    Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
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  2. password01

    password01 Regular Member

    Oct 28, 2015
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    Software Developer
    London, UK
    Hey There,

    Welcome to BHW. I'm not here too long but I must say it's a very friendly forum with members who are very accepting of new members. Imho, very few posts go unanswered so you should learn a lot here.

    I had a quick scan through your site - it looks good :)

    Anyway best of luck with your new venture. I can't really answer with regards your 1000 goal as I am a developer myself and more into the commerce side of things as opposed to SEO/IM.

    See you on the other side.
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