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    look at my details
    but what is relevant on this forum??

    I am very grateful for all the knowledge, wisdom, and time people have put in here to make this place a treasure trove of resources.

    Unfortunately we are living in a time where technology is exponentially getting stronger, quicker, and more thorough. Looking at this forum, my hunger and thirst waxes, and I desire to consume every thread. Theres simply too much.

    I think a new feature you should implement is to show next to the thread, or highlight it, if the threads contents are obsolete.

    Its difficult to go through everything only to find out that something is obsolete by the time you get around to it.

    Moderators, let us know what is applicable as far as products, strategies go.

    This would pinpoint strategies and the evolution of them if everyone knew where to look for quality strategies and not outdated, get you sandboxed strategies.