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    Hi all

    I am new to this forum and SEO and enjoy reading it everyday getting really good info, but there are some things I wonder about:

    1.) EMD easier to rank compared to domain/keyword/ ?
    2.) BL I do quite a lot of backlinking how can I check if the backlinks were really built and how do I check if google has put them into account?
    3.) Is 6 month a new domain?
    4.) Is it correct that with onpage Seo alone you are listed on a certain position depending on competition, but that you need BLs when you want to rank at page one?
    5.) I rank now already for a month between #75 and 60, but I do not get further up. What might be the reason? Do I need more BLs?
    6. If I ping (or rapid index) the BLs get they indexed faster or is it dangerous to new domains?

    Thats all for the moment :)
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    EMD, that is a .com, .net or .org with no dashes, receives a slight bonus in the SERPs for that exact match. It is something you typically want to try when your site is a one trick pony, a microniche site only designed to rank for that keyword. If your goal is a larger site chasing after a large amount of keywords, selecting an EMD is not necessary.

    Since yahoo site explorer shut down, there's not really a good free solution to checking backlinks of a site. If you have some bucks you want to throw at it, try Google's webmaster tools will give you a small glimpse into what your backlinks are, but they won't tell you all of them Basically, you will know you have backlinks when you build the backlinks.

    A six month old domain (that is, Google having known of its content for at least six months) is more fragile than a domain that Google has known about its content more than 6 months. It is easier to sandbox with poor quality links. If you bought the domain 6 months ago and only now just put a page up and got it Google indexed, it's 6 months aging process started today.

    There is no way to properly answer your question without knowing the difficulty of the keywords you want to shoot for. You will never rank top 10 for viagra even if you get 100k backlinks. If you want to rank for purple polka-dotted midget thongs, chances are you can do it with only on-page SEO.


    It depends on the quality of the backlinks, the age of the domain, your past linking efforts, how well you maintain link velocity, etc. If you get yourself 10k scrapebox and 10k xrumer links, having never gotten a backlink before, on your 2 week old website and then you ping them ... yes that will pose a problem to you.
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    Great answer thanks for you're share .
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    :) good share mate. thanks.