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    I have been thinking about trying my hand at email marketing by building a solid, niche targeted list of newsletter subscribers, building trust, and carefully promoting clickbank and other products within the newsletter emails.

    I was thinking about using aweber, but have a few (possibly naive) questions.

    1. Is it generally frowned upon (by aweber) to promote products via mass email? Would they ban/warn my account by sprinkling in clickbank or other affiliate links? Would I need to cloak the links or use redirection or anything? If so, how and why?

    2. If it IS possible/advisable to promote affiliate products safely via aweber, do the products need be relevant to the original newsletter/purpose that the op-ins signed up for? Does aweber pay attention to this? What would be my primary worry? People flagging me as spam, or reporting me, or what?

    Example: Say I build a big list on the premise of Weight-Loss, but in five months send out a random newsletter promoting a Work From Home e-book or something. "Hey, while you guys are busy burning those calories, I thought you might want to check out this awesome financial opportunity that was brought to my attention...." yadda yadda

    3. Anyone have any advice/warnings, or want to link me to some past threads that might be of interest? Just joined BHW, and loving it, but drowning happily information/opportunity overload! I even in the right sub-forum for this topic? I heard that there was once an Email marketing forum but it received the inglorious smack-down.
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