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Newbie question

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by misspiss, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. misspiss

    misspiss Newbie

    Jun 29, 2011
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    Hello, I am Miss Piss...been a long time since I had a website. My first site was an adult site 13 years ago ( I was 17-shhhh) sold it for 7k, had lots of fun with that. My second site was a small niche but made 30k in 3 months and started it with just under 8 bucks.

    Hoping to ease my way back in. I am not quite sure where to post my question- I have a domain name related to what my second site was (niche in fashion- I wanted to stick with something I know and have passion for) it is a one word keyword with two of the same letter ending. I have never used google adsense before and I did, bought a script from a website for an adsense/clickbank/astore template, was approved for adsense then a few days later - bam! hit with the account disabled email. I had no clicks, nothing. So I guess my question is how do I go about maximizing the domain name/website to its full money making capacity?