Newbie motivation thread. Thank BHW

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by tuannguyen, Jul 26, 2013.

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    I have just received order after posting my Gig on fiverr about 24h. It's not much but this is my first day I reach my second goal (20usd/day). My first goal is 5usd/day have been done by Youtube and Adsense.
    Keep going, never give up and you will find the way. It's hard when you begin but when we're patient and work hard we will get the return.
    Thank BHW, I study a lot here.
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    Congrats matekeep it up
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    Keep it up man! Utilize fiverr to the max. Get 20 gigs up and maximize your profit!

    I had a gig on fiverr once. About making facebook cover photos.
    This one buyer, made me make so many changes (about 10) different colors, text syle, backgrounds, etc.

    And when I finnaly thought he would like it, after constantly declining the pic. he declined it again. and asked for the .psd.
    I was already pissed, and thought about just sending him a blank one that said "FUCK YOU" but i thought about it, and said no to myself.
    ended up sending him the .psd, and not getting my WELL DESERVED $4 ._.

    Oh well. Hope that doesn't happen with you lol
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    Jul 27, 2013
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    Personally this is what I did when I used to earn on Fiverr...

    Find products and services that are doing extremely well on Fiverr for example I just looked at Fiverr and there is a replicate your logo on a surface gig for $5... now you are going to want to do some research and make it worth your while.

    You will need to find a freelancer willing to partner up with you to receive some decent business. Tell him that you can bring in decent business from gigs or whatever but you need more content for a low cost. Now instead of 1 logo in a surface for $5 offer 2 logos on a surface for $5... now people will start coming to you for the bang for their buck.

    Be sure to talk to the freelancer and get a good low price for the work, say $1 a logo so for 2 you would need $2. Yes he may get aggravated and say that is too low but tell him that you possible can send him $100-200 a month extra for doing it for you. If they have any sense in their head they will use their skills and profit decently off it and that is only 1 gig or so.

    Anyways Fiverr takes $1 off of the $5 total so you realistically get paid $4 for the gig... now take the $2 you owe the freelancer and you have just made $2 for nothing and probably have drawn the business away from one gig to your gig since you give more bang for their buck. The example I gave earlier has had over 60 buyers within less than a month so that comes out to $260 after Fiverr fees and $130 after freelance fees if done correctly.

    Personally I could not live off $130 for a month but for 1 gig and multiple sales just being directed to you with you just clicking a couple buttons you can't give that offer up, then think about if you had 20 gigs up and they all pulled $100+ a month after you paid everything and everyone... very easy $2k a month with you being the director.