**Newbie Learning** Question about keyword research.

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    Hi everyone,

    As everyone knows, choosing the right keyword could probably be the most important part of IM so in my learning curve I see it quite necessary to really understand the methods and processes that go into the whole process before doing anything.

    I have recently started using market samurai to find and I just have a few questions so I really understand what to look for.

    I have researched keywords thru market samurai and just want some opinions on some choices I have found and to know if I am understanding the results properly.

    I have attached snapshots of 3 keywords I think might be good or ok.

    Please anyone advice on anything I might have interpreted wrongly about these keywords.

    Sorry I like to be sure of every step I take so as not not to mess up in the long run and also i hope this thread will help other newbies know what to look for.

    Thanks BHW.

    Note: Sorry I don't know how to make the images show up in the post itself, if any one can tell me how would appreciate that. Do understand thanks

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    Those keywords will be VERY hard to rank in google. red usally means bad things lol.
    I am also in search of a good keyword. PM if you wanna chat and think together to find good keywords lol